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BlueCross BlueShield
Mutua Madrilena
Virginia DBHDS

We cracked the code to instance-based learning at scale.

Howso UI


Add, remove, and edit data and features dynamically


Understand exactly how outcomes are generated


Answer critical questions with conviction

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Built for human control, understanding, auditability and trust.

“Howso will enable us to securely analyze and share our data, both internally and with other government agencies. We recognize the potential that AI brings, but these technologies must align with our patient-first mission. We trust Howso's holistic AI solution to give us the best and safest opportunity to advance patient care.”

Glenn Schmitz
CISO, Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Development Services

“Howso has the first AI platform we've seen that enables our doctors, nurses and legal team to understand why the computer makes its suggestions, and thus what actions we can take to increase efficiency and manage costs.”

Dr. Patrick Conway
Former CEO, BCBS North Carolina

"At Scanbuy, we believe it is critically important to advance the ethical standards of the ad tech industry. With Howso's technology, Scanbuy is redefining the verifiable boundaries for probabilistic data, building upon the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)’s standards. We believe our Howso initiative will catalyze a transformative wave of auditability and trust.”

Marc Le Maître
CTO, Scanbuy

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