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Trusted by innovators

Trusted by innovators

Duke Health
Duke Health
Mutua Madrilena
Virginia DBHDS

AI is a black box.
Let’s fix it together.

Every prediction, label, and generative output of Howso Engine
provides exact attribution back to the input data, allowing for
traceability and accountability of influence.

(In other words, we’re the opposite of black box.)

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Maximum insight through total transparency

Directly interrogate outcomes throughout your data analysis process using our cutting edge instance-based learning (IBL) known as Understandable AI™


Discern how features drive outcomes and pinpoint the specific data influencing decisions


Robust reporting of data characteristics and level of conviction


Add, remove, and edit the data and features dynamically


High performance meets high protection

Increase the accuracy of your model while leveling up your
protection against common shortcomings of black box AI

Robust protection against attacks

Reduce attack surfaces during development and deployment

Detect anomalies more quickly

Decrease time spent confirming, utilizing, and labeling anomalous data

Discover new, detailed insights

Extract key information from every level and aspect of your data, understanding where it is and isn’t reliable

Mitigate errors

Identify and fix data quality issues, such as bias and model drift

Comply and preserve

Comply with data retention periods while preserving the data’s value


One model to rule them all

Replaces tens of thousands of models with Howso Engine, a single targetless model that can handle any learning technique and any question

Build the ideal dataset

Generative modeling allows the user to create data that meets their exact needs

Model anything

Predict any number of target features, easily switching between features of interest without retraining

Leave the nulls in your data

Advanced capabilities for handling missing data and null values

Time-series analysis

Accurately predict, forecast, and understand time-series data

Expansive possibilities

Perform these tasks and more with one model, including supervised, reinforcement or online learning, and generative or discriminative analysis

“At Scanbuy, we believe it is critically important to advance the ethical standards of the ad tech industry. With Howso’s technology, Scanbuy is redefining the verifiable boundaries for probabilistic data, building upon the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)’s standards. We believe our Howso initiative will catalyze a transformative wave of
auditability and trust.”

Marc Le Maître
CTO, Scanbuy

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