Diveplane is now Howso

When we named the company Diveplane, it was an homage to the short wing of the submarine that guides it up and down in the water. The diving submarine was evocative of AI/ML techniques of diving in data.

Since then, we’ve grown our team and earned the privilege of serving enterprises, healthcare providers, and governments around the world. We’ve made some major breakthroughs in explainable AI and cracked the code to instance-based learning at scale. Along the way, we realized the Diveplane brand didn’t fully capture the breadth our work. So, we’ve spent the past few months aligning our identity with our mission.

Today, we’re proud to announce our new identity:

Howso Logo

The world is being wowed by new AI applications, but these tools are black boxes which provide no traceability, transparency, or accountability. Many people have begun to accept the faulty notion that black box is inevitable. That we must sacrifice integrity for performance. At Howso, we disagree. We’re building AI without compromise and open sourcing it so the world can join us.

When AI decides who gets a mortgage, gets into college, is approved for surgery, or granted parole, it’s essential that we’re able to fully understand, audit, and explain how those models work. That’s why Howso exists: to provide AI/ML practitioners with the power to understand and control the decisions they make. We won’t settle for less.

So, as of today, we’re Howso: the same team on the same mission, now with a bold identity that captures who we are.

Here’s to advancing trustworthy AI as the standard.

Dr. Mike Capps & Dr. Chris Hazard
Co-Founders of Howso