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Trusted by innovators

Trusted by innovators

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Duke Health
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What is synthetic data?
It’s new data created from an original dataset using generative AI.

Keep the statistical properties and characteristics of your original dataset and ditch the privacy and governance risk.

How it Works

There are 6 steps to great synthesized data

  • Load
  • Map
  • Configure
  • Train
  • Generate
  • Audit

The other platforms
use black box AI.
We Don’t.

Only Synthesizer generates data using the Howso Engine, an
alternative to black box AI built for human control and understanding.

With us, you can audit, edit, and verify your data.

(Nobody else can say that.)

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Synthetic data that’s explainable and auditable

The Howso Synthesizer is the only truly explainable synthetic data platform, making datasets more insightful and AI/ML modeling faster

Break out of the black box

Our Synthesizer is powered by the Howso Engine, an alternative to black box AI

Build higher quality datasets

Explain exactly how your data is synthesized, fix errors or bias in the original data, and generate higher performing synthetic data

Accelerate AI/ML development

Howso’s auditability builds trust/buy-in from risk management and regulators, speeding up your model’s time to production


Versatility and customization at your fingertips

Fine-tune statistically accurate data that performs like your production data without the cost or headache

Tune your data

Adjust underrepresented or overrepresented variables within your data

Augment your data

Create any amount of data you need, even from sparse datasets

Access your data

Synthesize from multiple, joined tables, time-series data, and forecasts

Build out what-if scenarios

Condition and analyze data for hypothetical scenarios

Manage missing data

Reproduce the same frequency of null values or replace null values with your own specifications

Replace nominal data

Customize generation of sensitive nominal data (e.g. names, addresses, telephone numbers)


Compliance and utility without compromise

Unleash the insight locked away in your data while ensuring you adhere to current and future regulations

Make compliance easy

Build datasets that adhere to your country’s regulations and your company’s internal governance

Share data without crushing utility

Differential privacy mechanisms deliver your data safely without compromising its value

Calculate performance and privacy

Use the Howso Validator to score your synthetic data’s privacy and accuracy in real time


Synthesizer is ideal for industries held to high regulatory standards of responsible data usage


A Fortune 500 bank leans on Synthesizer to export critical business data out of countries whose localization rules prohibit customer information from leaving the country.

This empowers them to move data across geographies, into the cloud, and adhere to privacy regulations and governance policies


A major European health organization uses Synthesizer to generate compliant data from billions of private records before purging them. This allows them to retain critical data insight that would otherwise be lost due to GDPR deletion requirements.

They can preserve the value of historical data and comply with privacy regulations.

Data Aggregators

Use Synthesizer to clean and anonymize datasets to train machine learning models.

Synthetic data in a sandbox environment allows you to test quickly and expedite development.

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