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We’re here to change the trajectory of AI

The AI landscape is dominated by solutions that sacrifice integrity
for power. We refuse to compromise. We’re building high performance AI you can trust.

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Who We Are

Our mission

Advance trustworthy AI as the global standard.

Our vision

Empower researchers, academics, and Fortune 500 companies to make critical decisions with conviction using explainable AI.

Our values

Howso is built on two core values:

Gracious intellectual honesty. We tell the truth to each other, to our customers, and to our community. We do so with respect and humility in service of our mission.

Trusted autonomy. We believe in each person’s capacity for impact. We provide our people with the space, tools and trust to do their best work, and then get out of the way.

These values permeate our technology, culture, and advocacy in the broader AI community.


Humanity is making critical decisions with technology prone to hallucinations, bias, and opacity, believing that’s the necessary price to pay for powerful AI.

That’s unacceptable. We’re doing something about it.

From Alexa to Chat-GPT, we’ve seen explosive growth of AI applications in everyday life. Unfortunately, that explosion has been built upon “black box” neural networks, which can go wrong in surprising ways and can’t be debugged.

Howso co-founder Dr. Chris Hazard spent decades focused on understanding deeply complex, interactive computing systems. His research lies at the intersection of trust and AI. Recognizing the inherent dangers in deep neural nets and black box AI, Chris set out to build AI that’s as powerful as it is understandable. His first systems were built in the defense sector, where the “why” is just as critical as the “how.”

Chris, his longtime collaborator Michael Resnick, and advisor Dr. Michael Capps founded Howso (formerly Diveplane) in 2017. Capps had retired after a decade as President of Epic Games (Fortnite, Unreal Engine) and shared Hazard’s concerns about the direction of AI development. The vision was simple: they would work towards positive social impact first, profits second. A group of like-minded angel investors and philanthropists came together for the seed round, and the company began its mission to bring Chris’ maturing research to the world.

More than sixty patent assets later, we’ve deployed our ever-evolving technology in academic institutions, non-profits, global financial enterprises, healthcare organizations, and government agencies. Our users are empowered to make decisions directly from data, rather than relying on abstract black box models. They can interrogate outcomes, correct mistakes and bias, and make critical decisions responsibly.

In September 2023, we renamed ourselves Howso and released this powerful engine with an open source license, taking a critical step on the path towards meaningful social impact.

Explainable, human-understandable AI is possible. Let us show you how.


Dr. Michael Capps

Dr. Michael Capps

Co-founder, CEO

Dr. Chris Hazard

Dr. Chris Hazard

Co-founder, CTO

Mike Resnick

Mike Resnick

Co-founder, Technical Fellow


Marina Carreker

Marina Carreker


Will Godin

Will Godin


Dr. Michael Meehan

Dr. Michael Meehan

General Counsel, Chief Legal Officer

Jason Sommerset

Jason Sommerset

Chief Product Officer


Accenture chooses Howso (formerly Diveplane) for 2023 FinTech Innovation Lab NYC.

March 2023 – Howso was one of 10 companies chosen from over 200 applicants to take part in the FinTech Innovation Lab New York, a 12-week program founded and run by Accenture that helps fintech startups accelerate growth. Howso joined peers tackling cybersecurity, risk, sustainability, and the use of AI to improve financial services, getting hands-on product and business development mentorship.

Gartner selects Howso (formerly Diveplane) for the International Council’s Annual Go Global Award in AI.

October 2021 – Howso, the company keeping humanity in artificial intelligence, was named a winner in the Artificial Intelligence category at the International Trade Council’s Annual Go Global Awards Ceremony.

Gartner names Howso (formerly Diveplane) a 2020 Cool Vendor

April 2020 – Gartner named Howso as a Cool vendor in the
category of Core AI solutions. The technology research firm went on to state that the Howso Synthesizer “is a pioneer in the area of tabular synthetic data, which can be a game changer in problems where training
data is sparse, incomplete or unavailable.”


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